📻 — Women Leaders, Building Paid Courses via GitHub, and Group Chat on Easy Mode™️

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Hey yenizens!

Today’s issue features a podcast, some tools to help you level-up your skills, and a few neat platforms to test-drive with your team and/or community.

Have a pleasant one folks!

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Women Product Leaders

We need to highlight and showcase more of the great work that women are doing all around our #yeniverse and this podcast is well-worth a sub.

Learn UI / UX in 5 Minutes a Day

Many yenizens have art and design backgrounds and want to more formally grow in their product design skills. Uxcel is a great place to start.

Sell Access to a GitHub Repo

Building a course? Not interested in using the slow af Notion (lol…!)? Perhaps you could use GitHub + GumHub combo? GitHub definitely doesn’t have all of the WYSIWYG editing capabilities or embeds, but, it’s fast and I’ve been using it for our open source handbook for a long time.

Locating Yourself — A Key to Conscious Leadership

Someone you know needs to review this 3-minute video on conscious leadership; maybe make it a small group activity within your team or community today? Even taking a moment to “press pause” and figure out exactly “where you are” is the power of self-awareness.

And we could all use a bit more of that, tbh.

Group Video Chat on Easy Mode™️

This might be the most-simple group video system… ever. Just share the url that’s automatically created when you visit this link and that’s all you need! It’s an open source project too, btw.

A Few Cool Tools That Deserve Mention:

Have a great day yeniverse!

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