📻 — Launch a New Email Newsletter? It’s a Process of Discovery, a Conversation.

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Good morning yeniverse!

I hope you had a restful weekend! I was thinking about our amazing community for a good deal of it, especially as I finally “canceled” the last remaining yenizens who have supported us since our big restart early-last year.

So grateful for this community and our work together! More to come this year; I couldn’t be more excited!

Okay, so, the links, per usual:

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Have a great one folks! To infinity & community,

— john

In just a week or so the YEN.FM newsletter will be officially 6 months old and the original experiment when we first-started would be over! In just a week or so we will have published original content for 180 days.

Pretty neat, if you ask me.

I shared a few thoughts last week in our smaller community space (recently > 200 folks!) — I wanted to share those with you with a few additional thoughts:

I think the best thing about the newsletter now is that I’m less stressed about what I’m writing and more certain that the length doesn’t really matter. Part of this has been intuition and my experience but much of it has been data-driven as readers have given me a mountain of evidence telling me precisely what they like and dislike — thanks yeniverse!

But doing anything new is hard — let’s just call it for what it is — and writing, especially when you start seeing it and understanding it as “art” is really about dealing with the insecurity of writing stuff to a growing, unknown audience and all the anxiety that might exist in that dynamic.

But, it’s also what makes it very exciting.

You see, a large part of the overall “system” and “playbook” of launching a new email newsletter is the actual process of discovery that happens between the author and the reader(s); it’s the intimate dance between the artist and what they want to create and give to the world and also what the market will bear and demand from the artist (and what they will fundamentally pay for).

And usually the new email newsletter writer doesn’t have a clue about this dynamic and how it really operates; at least in the very beginning. That’s fine, by the way, as a good place to start is always with the art; it’s always about the art.

The relationship (and the developing community) is really a dialogue, a one-to-many and many-to-many in some very real ways. Yes, it takes work to “dig” for the data at times but don’t lose the opportunity to engage more directly with your readers!

Most (new) writers / newsletter authors aren’t really aware that opening up a feedback loop is an important part of building a successful email newsletter, especially if you’re planning on making this a big part of your business and community’s future.

Good luck friends!


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