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My friends, yenizens

… the last few days have been really difficult for many of us and I just wanted to take a moment and recognize that some of us, including me, are not operating at 100%.

In fact, I spent most of yesterday in my bed, just after hitting the “Send” button on the issue. As your friend in the yeniverse I want you to know:

  1. I’m here for you. The line of communication is always open between you and me. Email me at any time: john@yen.io
  2. We’re here for you. The growing yeniverse has folks that are just like you; people trying to build their projects, businesses, and communities of their dreams in 2021. The point: You’re not alone.
  3. Take time for yourself. If you’re not at 100% it’s entirely okay. I hope (and pray) that your employers are giving you the time & space that you need! I will publicly lambaste them if you need me to! Just kidding… kind of.

Our lives are much more colorful and integrated than we sometimes recognize or share with others; despite the fact that we all know it to be true.

A few things that have helped me this week:

  1. Express your emotions plainly, openly, in a safe place. I hope you have one (and you can always start a new thread with me).
  2. Find friends who you can dialogue with. Although I’m a big-fan of self-talk, it’s not nearly as good as talking with a trusted friend or colleague.
  3. Write. These are insane — but also historical — moments in our lives and writing is a tried and true activity (and even therapy!) for helping you work through your thoughts and feelings.

Please let me know if you need anything. I love you all. I am anxious and scared for many of my friends who are in more “direct” lines of fire, as essential workers and healthcare professionals.

Prayers, prayers, prayers. This year will be the best; we’re just working through 2020’s hangover, I promise.

To infinity & community,

— john

I’ve recently updated our YEN.EDUCATION cohorts and made them much smaller in size, reducing the size for the #SoY2021 Cohort from 12 to 6! This way we can a much more intimate and personal experience (alt

I can’t wait to hang out with a few of you this Sunday!

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