📻 — Great Communities Require Founders Who Can Build with Short & Long-Term Thinking

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To get things started, here are a few fun / useful links from around the internet, specifically for creators and business / community-builders:

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By necessity, Founders are rooted in the “here and now” mental framework required for launching a new startup. But great Founders do something different at the same time: They are obsessed with what will endure 10 or 50 years from now.

via NFX

I love this combination of luck and humility:

There are a couple of other kinds of classic virtues like gratitude, which is very aligned with humility, and related to luck. Basically, it’s appreciating how lucky we are.

Luck is a huge component that’s not talked about often enough. If you are really honest about your successes, there’s a huge degree of it that is attributed to luck. I respect the people who acknowledge the luck in their life.

Kevin Kelly

A true paradox… of genius? Maybe, or just a paradox. But, the challenge of thinking both short and long-term is difficult but a crucial skill for any startup founder.

The Information ($) shared 6 businesses that are changing eCommerce and here’s what they named:

Stuck at home during the pandemic, Americans have been flocking to online shopping sites and mobile apps. The growth has been a boon for the rising number of startups that specialize in injecting excitement into online shopping for consumers who may have grown bored with mundane grids of product photos.

Many of the emerging companies focus on integrating shopping with livestreaming video, either by building their own platforms or by developing online tools to help smaller retailers—and social media influencers—improve their e-commerce game. In our latest installment of Startups to Watch, we profile six of these companies.

Here they are:

1. CommentSold
 Brandon Kruse // Funding: N/A // Investors: Zelnick Media Capital
Why: CommentSold is bringing mom-and-pop retailers into a new generation of online shopping.

2. rewardStyle
 Amber Venz Box, Baxter Box // Funding: $15 million // Investors: Maverick Ventures
Why: rewardStyle’s LiketoKnow.IT app is popular with shoppers seeking input from fashion bloggers and other influencers.

 Aaron Levant // Funding: $10 million // Investors: UTA Ventures, Foot Locker, Jimmy Iovine, LeBron James, Live Nation Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment, according to PitchBook
Why: The company’s app is one of the most prominent focused on e-commerce and entertainment for the streetwear market.

4. Popshop Live
 Dan Dan Li // Funding: $4.5 million prior to the Series A // Investors: Benchmark, Floodgate Fund, Abstract Ventures, Long Journey Ventures, Cyan Banister
Why: Popshop Live is an interactive live-shopping app with a high valuation and the attention of Silicon Valley heavyweights.

5. MagicLinks
 Brian Nickerson, Christian Levy // Funding: $2.4 million // Investors: Pasadena Angels
Why: MagicLinks, which makes tools for influencers to promote consumer products, recently was certified as a B Corp, recognizing its commitment to social and environmental goals.

6. Livescale
 Virgile Ollivier, Laurent Boutet // Funding: $800,000 // Investors: Granicus Group, InnoStart Capital, Panache Ventures, Real Ventures
Why: Livescale, a small, Montreal-based live-shopping software service, has struck a partnership with Shopify.

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