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A curated list of best-in-class resources & tools to help you build, grow, and operate your community!

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πŸ’¬ β€” Community, Chat

These are general purpose community and/or chat platforms.

  • Twist β€” Teams, collaborative conversations
  • Telegram β€” Simple, fast, secure chat
  • Mattermost β€”Β Open source messaging for teams
  • Geneva β€” Cozy, private space for your people
  • Discord β€” Chat platform with voice channels
  • WhatsApp β€” Reliable group messaging
  • Openland β€” Modern social network
  • Palapa β€” Thriving online community
  • Gitter β€” Chat, networking platform
  • Spectrum β€” Community platform for the future
  • Mesh Chat β€” Group messaging, collaboration
  • Quorum β€” Manage clients, collect payments
  • PrivyChat β€” Private chat communities
  • Band β€”Β Simple community chat
  • Bunches β€” Paid group chat
  • Rocket Chat β€” Ultimate communication hub
  • Guild β€” Messaging app for professionals
  • Sense Chat β€” Secure messenger with rewards
  • Element β€” Open, secure, communication
  • Zulip β€” Open source chat, collaboration
  • Slack β€” Workplace communication, community tool
  • Disciple β€”Β Community and subscriptions
  • Tribe β€” Community in your own product
  • Quill β€” Messages for groups, focus
  • Commsor β€” Grow and measure community
  • CountablePro β€”Β Brand, audiences, data
  • Zyper β€” Build brand communities
  • Upstream β€” Professional networks
  • FB Groups β€” It works.
  • Zapnito β€” Community platform for expertise
  • Aluminati β€” Student, Alumni community
  • β€” Networking, mentor platform
  • β€” Build your community
  • Panion β€” Build community
  • Honeycommb β€” Beautiful social network
  • Mobilize β€” Delightful community platform
  • Tchop β€” Mobile social network
  • Groop β€” All-in-one social network
  • Orbit β€” All-in-one community
  • TokyWoky β€” Enterprise community
  • ConnectPlus β€” NextGen virtual app
  • Hivebrite β€” Online communities
  • OverGroups β€” Stripe + Telegram
  • Dish β€” Make Slack a social network (profiles!)
  • Heartbeat β€” Cohort & curriculum
  • Signal β€” Simple messaging
  • Glue Up β€” All-in-one CRM
  • β€” Telegram customer support
  • TChop β€”Β Mobile community
  • Loop Team β€” Best parts of remote work
  • CrowdStackΒ β€” Engage, Retain, Grow
  • Laylo — Messaging tool from creator to fan
  • Echofin – All-in-one community management platform.

β›” β€” Membership Tools

Here are a list of tools and platforms to sell subscriptions and manage recurring membership for communities.

  • Gumroad β€” Sell products and subscriptions
  • Memberstack β€” #nocode membership on any website
  • Patreon β€” Monthly membership platform
  • Pico β€” Member accounts / payments for your community
  • LaunchPass β€” Charge for access to Slack
  • MemberSpace β€” Turn your website into “members-only”
  • Join It β€” Membership management, community database
  • Podia β€” Sell online courses, webinars, downloads
  • Bunches β€” Group chat for creators
  • Substack β€” Simple email (paid) newsletters
  • uScreen β€” Sell videos online
  • WhereBy.Us β€” Monetize newsletter
  • Playbook β€” iPhone subscription business
  • Teachable β€” Get paid to share what you know
  • Kajabi β€” Build your own knowledge business
  • Stream β€” Creators become entrepreneurs
  • LetterHead β€” Email newsletter monetization
  • Memberful β€” Memberships to audience
  • Letterdrop — Free & subscription newsletter platform

πŸ“† β€” Event Management

A list of experience and event management tools that can help you curate, manage, engage, and operate online events & experiences.

  • Icebreaker β€” Online events
  • Hio Social β€” Virtual, in-person events
  • Vibely β€” Challenge platform
  • Run The World β€” Fun virtual experiences
  • Superpeer β€” Video platform for knowledge
  • Teohh β€” Future of remote gatherings
  • Hopin β€” Virtual venue for events
  • Remo β€” Paid webinars, events
  • HeySummit β€” Online events made simple
  • β€” Engaging social events
  • Crowdcast β€” Grow community, online events
  • Bevy β€” Online conferences
  • Shindig β€” Communicate, collaborate
  • β€” Members-only community
  • Moment House β€” Elevated digital experiences
  • Tame β€” Virtual event platform
  • Airmeet β€” Fantastic virtual meetups
  • Sococo β€” Work remotely, side-by-side
  • Rally β€” Host video events
  • Sidebar β€” Video chat for whatever
  • Mixaba β€” Social video platform
  • β€” Virtual venue
  • Hubb β€” Re-inventing events
  • Socio β€” Virtual, hybrid events
  • Welcome β€” Jaw-dropping virtual events
  • Banger β€” Virtual world + video
  • Balloon β€” Online Events Platform
  • Sine Space β€” Social hub for events
  • Meet Butter β€” Smooth interactive workshops
  • Toucan β€” Cool video events
  • Topia β€” Bring people together
  • β€” Better spaces to gather
  • Micepad β€” Enterprise event platform
  • Inconf β€” Flexible virtual events
  • 6Connex β€” Virtual environments
  • Rume β€” Video chat that doesn’t feel like work
  • Zoom β€” Webinars, events
  • β€” Community-first online events
  • Vfairs β€” Seamless virtual events
  • Cvent β€” Amazing virtual, hybrid events
  • Slides.with β€” Icebreakers, happy hours
  • Brella β€” Virtual event platform
  • Lowdown β€” Email digests for Slack
  • Donut β€” Slack watercooler
  • Watercooler β€” πŸ‘†πŸ»
  • On24 β€” Personalized events
  • TryVirtually β€” Cohort-based education via Zoom
  • Hapen β€” Shareable reminders
  • Klyk β€” Better online events
  • Chapter β€” Self-hosted for non-profits
  • Reach — Host virtual community events

πŸ—£ β€” Forums

Forum-centric software still very much powers the internet! Here are some tools to get you started.

πŸ“Ή β€” Video / Voice

Video and voice tools to help your community feel closer.

  • Clubhouse β€” Voice platform
  • Zoom β€” Needs no introduction
  • Chalk β€” Voice rooms
  • β€” Voice, virtual teams
  • β€” Video meeting platform
  • Anchor β€” Make a podcast
  • YouTube Live β€” YouTube… live.
  • Twitch β€” The original.
  • Whereby β€” Easy video meetings
  • Skype β€” Text, video calls
  • β€” Audio-only convos
  • Airtime β€” Content, video chat in real-time
  • Huddle β€” Small group video calls
  • Kumospace β€” Goodbye boring video calls
  • VideoAsk β€” Get personal with video by Typeform
  • VideoForm β€” … not by Typeform
  • Descript β€” Edit audio like text
  • Vodited β€” Edit audio in 30+ languages
  • ZipCan β€” Video on your site
  • Join Salon β€” Build virtual connections
  • SuperNormal β€” Video messaging for busy people
  • Tidze β€” Your virtual stage
  • β€” Online events that are fun
  • — Saas remote recording for podcasters
  • Kapwing — Online image, video editing platform

πŸ“· β€” Images

Photo and graphic resources to create, edit and publish images for your community platforms.

  • Freepik – Free/paid vector graphic and photo resources
  • Pexels – Free stock photos and videos
  • Canva – Graphic design platform for social & print media
  • Inkscape – Open source vector graphics editor
  • Gimp – Cross-platform image editor
  • Easelly – Design infographics with templates
  • Logogarden – Logo maker – DIY & affordable custom

πŸ“š β€” Books

Books that will inspire, encourage, and help you build communities that you’re super-proud of.

🎀 β€” Podcasts

Trusted community voices over the digital airwaves.

βœ‰οΈ β€” Newsletters

Time-tested newsletters from Community Thought Leaders.

πŸ“ˆ β€” Social Media

Tools to manage the social media flood.

βš™οΈ β€” Creator Ops

Tools to manage your world / biz as a creator:

  • Stir β€” Where creators run their biz
  • Continuum β€” Creator OS

πŸ’Έ β€” Creator Communities

Communities (free and paid) specifically geared towards helping creators build, grow, and manage communities:

πŸ’° β€” Venture Capital

VC firms that invest in community-first / PLC startups.

πŸ“™ β€” Workflows, Playbooks

Playbooks for building and managing communities.


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